Halfpenny halfling

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                         About William David



  William David trained in professional photography in the late 70's. He has not only worked as a freelance in various sectors, but also in the camera and media industries. Lectured and mentored photography, and majored on working with young people .

After a break from practical freelance work whilst living in Central London he returned to photography in 2008 setting up William David photographic Projects.

This was the first digital rather than film venture - although many of the techniques in lighting and shooting come straight out of the film experience and training. It also was a work biased towards acting and performance - with a strong theatre style presentation.

The original work was designed to evenly present gender but it became evident that the boys were being more ignored by photographers, and specialisation in this sector developed by demand & practical considerations.

Now William David specialises in working with mainly male performers and artists building up their self confidence and range infront of the camera. In addition to this the medium of photography is used to build up self awareness & confidence with those on the autistic spectrum and those needing to face their confidence fears to advance in life, be it within the performance industry or outside.

Models are also welcome, and the theatre training techniques for example with expression and instinct hold good providing high levels of confidence whatever the starting point or age range.

The fact that William David warrants no adult work undertaken means that those new to the camera feel safe, and parents can be confident that their children are in a safe environment, with an established photographer working with young people and with full enhanced DBS certification.

In 2014 William David embarks on a new work, both offline and online. This project is called Halfpenny Halfling. Halfling expands the work with young people both on and offline.

Halfling is a massive undertaking, but compliments the previous work with WDPP and extends upon it. Halfling is a written work backed up by photography, and with photography sub section agendas. Halfling takes William David back to the earlier days of recording life as it happens, and not just how we want it to be.

The intention is that Halfling will build to be a comprehensive “fun” work - but with the confidence to cover harder to face facts about society today and not ignore them.

Halfling is currently in early development.

William David remains committed to working with young people to as far as possible help them find themselves and their potential and even more importantly achieve their goals and dreams.

That is the ethic behind the Halfpenny Halfling project as it develops and builds.

William David began writing and freelance photographic work whilst still at school.

Although teaching was the intended career path it became secondary to training as a photographer, and this lead to working in photo retail and the radio and television industries.

Working with young people began with The Scout Association and advanced from there. Major campaigner for recognition of dyslexia and ADHD and mental health support.

Keen supporter of theatre, and has a passion for all things radio and history of broadcasting.

Has worked within retail throughout his career due to actually enjoying meeting people! This extends into all William David’s work.