Halfpenny halfling

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                                   By POMPOUS HOBBIT

Picture Post is a subsection of the halfling project showing photography from the project.

It consists of images which can stand alone or in a set with little or no explanation.

These are images posted online seperate from the main work.

All photography is by William David aka Pompous hobbit.

Picture Post from which the basic page design is based was a prominnent photojournalistic magazine  published in the UK from 1938 to 1957.

It’s style and that of it’s US counterpart Time Life Magazine formed a style of photography in my mind as a boy which built up my passion with the camera.

Within my photography here  I often try to pay homage to such magazines which took photography away from the staid setup styles of the time, and used and pushed to the limits technology of the time.

All my photography on Halfling is shot digitally - but the style and often the lighting techniques major on styles of the past with a level of theatre built in.

Where images are shot reportage then a simple unassuming approach is aimed for with the minimum of equipment and interferance to the subject [s]. Most of my work here is viewed B & W - which is my preferred meduim - but every image today has a colour file too - that’s the wonder of digital!!

I hope you enjoy viewing the images & place on record my thanks to all involved infront of the lens!!