Halfpenny halfling

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  Halfpenny halfling & Actwild Wil.D sales

The halfling project is not designed to be for profit - but sometimes additional image ordering and allied work  is chargeable. Money made from these ventures are then put back into the project funds.  It also allows those who wish to offer support and donate towards the work have a means to do so.. Actwild work is set as commercial so operates to commercial standards and charges. If in doubt please contact William David and an invoice if applicable will then be provided. From August 2014 additional halfling image ordering and services will be chargeable.

Orders for earlier William David photographic projects  files [subject to rules of supply] will include a search fee.

Images can only be provided to authorised parties. Stock images available by arrangement.

Alll images from the project are copyright and may not be used without written consent. Use by “not for profit” or personal websites will normally be allowed and not charged solongs a credit is given and the image context remains clear.

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