Halfpenny halfling

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                    project photography

Photography is a major component in the halfpenny halfling project. The aim is that all major illustration will be taken by William David for the project.

This will comprise of two major forms - photo shoots particular to the project for illustration, and as part of “picture post” and “spotlight”  sub sections.

As it has been decided to bring together some of  the work of “Actwild” within the halfling project - shoots with performers for example will be showcased within the project.

Secondly shoots taken of events and in actual locations - of organisations and people involved  in day to day life. The style of these shoots will be reportage and factual.

Ofcourse some photography will not neatly slot into a heading - but all will be relevant to the project and hopefully make it more visually interesting. It remains true that a picture is often worth a thousand words, and that saves on the typing!!

                                                         Actors Tom Hopcroft & Niamh Clarke on a summer shoot for the halfling project


Photographic shoots

Recommendations & feedback

Halfling spotlight

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Picture Post