Halfpenny halfling

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This is the basic project section index. Not all content will currently be on  this domain - so will cross link to other domains which in turn may have alternative content. As the project forms this will all be tidied up until upon completion all will be on the one server, but with content mirrored to other web addresses. Pompous Hobbit is the former working project title, before the formation of the final title halfpenny halfling.

This section includes direct links to other project websites and some external links. William David provides external links for visitor information - but unless otherwise indicated has no practical involvement with link and therefore unable to take responsibility for errors or incorrect outdated information. External links are taken from open source material or that with consent. However some audio/visual material may be embedded from external web sources. In the event of copyright infringement it’s removal from source will also remove from this website. However any objection to an individual item should be directly advised, and the link will be removed. It is appreciated that copyright holders allow such embedded material to be included, and will be duly acknowledged.

          Sections index & project links

Project websites

Boys will be boys


Project photography

Password Emil - content advised section


Of halfling & hobbit BLOG

School & education

Sales & Orders

Special Needs

Getting involved in the halfling project

Acting & performance

Halfling Tube - external video


Halfling Tube:- project video

Family life.

Halfling Sound files [external]

When things go wrong.

Halfling sound files  [project]


Barclays Life Skills     [external]

Social services & support


Picture Post

Fun times

Self discovery

Law & order

Drugs and addiction

Reading & writing