Halfpenny halfling

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This is a casual section of videos to pass some time or run as a background as you  surf the pages here.

It’s quite a random selection with the common theme of childhood/youth and generation.

Some of the videos will appear elsewhere within the website.

These video’s are linked from other sites by intention.

There is no desire to break copyright, but the internet today is very open source, and this can blur copyright interests.

If a video goes blank it means the copyright holder has asked for it’s removal.

However in many cases such videos actually promote the performer and future sales - so is seen as a benefit.

The best videos are those that tell a story and quite a few are here. Suggestions are always welcome to  add to the page - and if copyright allows will then be introduced.

Should any copyright holder object to a video being available here then please contact directly. Hope you enjoy the selection.

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